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gnomiekins is an actual real life princess




i would wear this, i am in love with the top and the skirt and those tights 


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All social change is speculative fiction because we’ve never seen a world without poverty, never seen a world with total equality, never seen a world without prisons…therefore activism IS speculative fiction, it’s visionary fiction because we are writing a world we’ve never seen but a world we’d like to live in.

It’s hard and unapologetic but it’s hopeful because it can cause us to move; it wakes up and shows us that change is possible.

a quote from AN EVENING WITH OCTAVIA’S (Butler) BROOD, as summarized by author Crystal Connor (via Balogun Ojetade, blackspeculativefiction)


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I dream of a love so good
That I forget about not believing in love kind of good
The good that makes you passionate, out of this planet good
One were you don’t compromise…bite your tongue kind of good
The good that makes you crinkle your toes turns your eyes upside down without touching your body good
The passion, fire, ecstasy without drugs, natural love, high kind of good
A love so good it makes me want to love, heal, breathe, kind of good
Forget the past kind of good
A Love so lovely
Kind of good

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"Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self."
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Tonantzin mural em São Francisco

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